Riti Grover: Library Director

Farmington Hills, Michigan

Library director Riti Grover is a leader and facilitator with decades of experience in the library industry. She has been in the business of leading, transforming, managing, and growing community libraries for years. Her commitment to service, passion for innovation, and collaboration with her unrepeatable leadership skills help transform community libraries into ‘supportive destinations’ of the township.  Riti’s commitment to developing knowledge and education is undeniable.

Riti Grover Farmington

Riti graduated from Wayne State University with a Master’s in Library and Information Sciences, Detroit, MI. Since 2015, she has held several positions, including Chair, Advocacy Committee, Bergen County Cooperative Library System, NJ, Executive Board member, Bergen County Cooperative Library System, NJ, Chair, Government Relations, and Public Policy Committee, BCCLS, NJ. She is also a proud member of various professional bodies and organizations where she has added so much value because of her creativity.

Her professional affiliations include member, Construction Bond Taskforce, New Jersey Library Association, NJ, Personnel Administration Committee, New Jersey Library Association, NJ, Member, American Library Association, Member, Public Library Association, Member, Legislative & Advocacy Committee, Michigan Library Association ∙ Treasurer, Metro Net Consortium, MI, Member, The Library Network and DSLRT consortia, Multicultural Multiracial Council, MI, Member, The Rotary, WV, to mention a few.

With her years of experience, Riti understands the rapidly evolving demands and demographics of communities and is apt in transforming libraries into ‘welcoming spaces for community engagement and enrichment. She believes in creating an empowered team of dedicated staff that feels supported and included. Her experience of leading Renovation Projects and transforming buildings to ADA-compliant State-of-the Art facilities is well established as she has led initiatives ranging from $750,000 to $27 million.

Riti specializes in establishing public libraries, evaluating library systems, and upgrading them with the latest technology to ensure they meet today’s demand for the promotion of knowledge. She is skilled in various capacities, including managing overall financial, personnel, administrative, strategic, capital, collaborative, and operational goals. Within within a year, she wrapped up the pre-construction phase of the $27M library renovation project, a feat that will remain part of her lasting legacy.

Engaging external stakeholders is critical for continued funding and legislative support for public libraries. As a ‘Library Advocate’, she has created Advocacy Tool kits, and enhanced awareness of the library services and support for the legislation that provided millions of dollars for libraries at the local, county, consortium, statewide and federal levels. Riti is a leader that builds bridges by establishing connections with state representatives and officials to get them to pay more attention and provide support for libraries. In addition, her communication skills make her likable, and people always want to listen to her and provide support for her cause.

Advancement in technology has necessitated the need for libraries to grow and meet the demand of users. Riti is a strategic thinker and transformational leader that implements innovative systems to ensure the libraries under her care meet industry trends. Her innovative approaches include purchasing Gale Engage for data-driven analysis and marketing in library systems, establishing pop-up libraries, providing free Wi-Fi in libraries, lending Wi-Fi Hotspots, implementing lifecycle and service module assessment, and transforming technology in libraries.

Riti believes that libraries are more than just a place to read books, gather information, and get knowledge. She knows and believes that it’s a community that needs to be nurtured and preserved for the benefit of all. That’s why she implements value-adding programs that involve different age groups in engaging them in productive ventures and activities that will improve their lives.

To make her transformational ideas successful, she works with schools, philanthropic organizations, local businesses, city officials, foundations, and everyone who loves the library. Her engagements and activities have led to an increase in the number of people who support libraries. Riti is a experienced communicator who has lent her voice in events assembled by top organizations. She has been a Key-note speaker at various organizations, including the Rotary, The Kiwanis International, and Leadership Kanawha Valley.

As a member of professional organizations, her records show unbiased and total commitment to work, services, and humanity. Her selfless service to the growth of her community and her ability to build bridges and connect people and ideas is what makes people around her respect her ability and capacity to lead. She is a caring, loving, and humble person who is passionate about her work and goals. She is always ready to do whatever it takes to support and contribute to any ideas that need to be promoted.

Riti continues to expand her scope of services, creating a positive impact in society via coaching and consultant agency, Leadership and Innovation Academy. Riti is collaborating with this agency because of her realization that there is a huge deficit in leadership coaching for the next generation of public libraries and their leaders. She wants to transfer the knowledge and skills she has acquired over the years to help build the next set of successful leaders and leading organizations that can withstand the challenges in achieving and maintaining excellence with rapidly evolving client needs. The future needs strong, courageous, and relentless individuals and the latest tools to provide the leadership needed to make the right decisions in transforming organizations to “the Destinations”.

The academy will be the right place for individuals and organizations who aspire to be trendsetters or seek innovative approaches to convert challenges into opportunities. Riti Grover will be providing attendees and clients with the tools and resources needed to bring out the best in them and become responsible and successful leaders for the future.